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Kinesiology is a daunting word. What is it? How does it work? What will happen in a session? Not questions that can be easily explained by a simple statement.

As a Kinesiologist, I believe that your body already knows what it needs to be working at its potential. This support could come from a range of different modalities depending on the client’s needs, and that is not necessarily something easy to identify unless you’re trained in everything under the sun.

So, here is a little bit about how your health and wellbeing works and how kinesiology can help from that perspective.

Our health and wellbeing is defined by all aspects of our being not just our physical body. There are three main aspects of our wellbeing that need to be working effectively in order for our whole person to feel well:
● our physical/structural
● our mental/emotional
● our biochemical/environmental.

They come together to form what I call the triangle of health. Each aspect supports and affects the other. If one side of our triangle is out of balance the other sides are also affected. For example, if we are emotionally stressed out, our body sends out chemicals into the body, those chemicals create a physical response, that physical response (anxiety, pain, tension) causes us more stress. And the cycle continues. In the right environment, our body has its own innate way of re-finding balance or homeostasis, however, sometimes, this is unable to happen due to the type of stress it’s experiencing.

kinesio triangle

The stress that causes our triangle to become out of balance can come in many forms. Physical exertion, environmental, dietary, trauma, infection, not just the emotional or mental stress that we are familiar with.
There are two types of stress. There is Eustress (positive stress) and Distress (negative stress).
Eustress is beneficial short term stress that activates the body and us into action to cope with the stimulus. This stimulus could be as simple as increased activity during exercise or putting a foreign substance in your stomach e.g. a glass of water or some food. The addition of this stimulus activates necessary processes in the body to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis. So it simply, a little bit of stress is good, as it helps us get things done. Eustress is within our coping abilities. When stress is out of our current coping abilities it becomes Distress. Distress causes us to feel horrible and decreases our performance. For example, when we over-exercise and our body isn’t able to cope with the amount or length of increased activity, it struggles to keep our body running efficiently. Or When you consume something that our body doesn’t have the resources to break down and eliminate easily we are left feeling toxic and lacking in energy.

In many cases, as soon as the stimulus has ceased your body goes about its way fixing, detoxing and regenerating so as to reach that state of balance or homeostasis. With prolonged distress however, your body doesn’t get that rest time to recuperate and overtime we load ourselves up. We start to experience more uncomfortable physical, mental and biochemical symptoms and more often than not, with that load, we aren’t able to easily define what is causing the stress in our system. Especially, due to the complexity of our triangle of health AND how different each individual is.

The idea with kinesiology is to use a biofeedback mechanism (muscle testing) to identify what support the body needs to bring that triangle back into a state of balance. Whether the cause is subconscious patterns or beliefs, dietary choices, an underlying emotional state, injury, infection, environmental stimulus, or memories of trauma or stress being held in different parts of the body, as a kinesiologist I facilitate the body’s natural healing using techniques that are specific to the client’s needs. The tools I have as a Kinesiologist are varied and it is common for me to tap into different techniques from a huge range of different modalities, providing more options and a more wholistic approach in helping our body find that homeostasis or balance.
When our body is in a state of balance, the body is able to send out chemicals that can repair and rejuvenate itself and in turn we begin to work optimally. Pain and tension seems to disappear, our digestion improves, we feel clearer and happier, and our energy levels and performance increases. The list of benefits that kinesiology has to offer are endless:

kinesio benefits


Kinesiology works across the lifespan and many children have experienced great benefits from this modality including assisting those with learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Each client comes with their own set of issues, personal needs and desires, so I work with kinesiology in a way that focuses on where the individual wants their health and wellbeing to be. This approach can have profound benefits through all areas of life both physically and mentally. Kinesiology helps a person feel empowered, clear and driven in the direction of wellness. This takes our focus off what is wrong with us, and creates a clear and real picture for ourselves as to where we can be.

Along with understanding more about kinesiology and the benefits it has, I hope I have educated, inspired and empowered you to take note of your wellbeing. What might you need to do to eliminate any distress in your life? What will support your body and mind the best for your optimum wellbeing?
If you want some assistance or support with identifying factors that are causing distress in your being and how you can achieve an improved level of wellness contact me on 0420 649 701 to book an appointment. To keep up to date with specials and information on how you can improve your wellbeing, check out and like my Facebook page.

Jessica Wiel
Professional Kinesiologist @ Be Your Potential ~ Kinesiology

Category : Blog Posted on June 6, 2016

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