Can Massage help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Have you experienced numbness or tingling in your hands, especially at night, or when performing repetitive grasping actions with your hands? You may have experienced some clumsiness in handling objects,  and sometimes feel a pain that goes up the arm to as high as your shoulder? These may be the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. […]

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Healthy Recipes for a sweet tooth: Cacao and Goji Bites

I don’t know about  you, but I have a serious sweet tooth, but I’m not a big fan of processed and overly sweet chocolate bars, that’s why raw cacao is one of my favourite food stuffs!  It’s been shown to help boost your mood, it’s high in anti oxidants and is rich in Magnesium, Iron, […]

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Make your own natural Surface Spray Cleaner

Save money and your enviornment by making your own completely natural yet effective surface spray, perfect for keeping your surfaces germ free and smelling great. 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar 1/2 cup water 12-24 drops of essential oil Simply add to a clean spray bottle and start using.  Here are a few suggestions on which […]

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The Power of Touch – are you suffering from touch deprivation?

Anyone who has had a massage knows how good it can feel, but have you ever thought why it feels so good? Massage works on so many different levels, and can help in dealing with chronic pain, headaches, postural imbalances etc.  But one of the most overlooked, but important benefits of massage comes simply from […]

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Aromatherapy Tips – How to make your own carpet freshener

I use essential oils on a daily basis, from cleaning the house to body lotions and shower gels and massage blends.  One of my favourite ways to freshen up my carpets without the use of nasty chemicals is to make my own version of Shake N Vac. Find a suitable container with a pierced lid […]

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New Practitioner Spotlight – Emma Short Kinesiology

Introducing Emma Short Kinesiology. Emma works with a natural therapy called Holistic Kinesiology to enhance her Psychology background. She applies her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, western health sciences, counselling and mind-body medicine to get to the heart of what’s troubling you and help empower you to restore your health and balance. You may have a […]

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Top Tips for Perfect Posture

Top Tips for  Perfect Posture: I was told a lot when I was younger to stand up straight, not to slouch.  Sound familiar?  For some a perfect posture comes naturally, their movements have grace.  But for most of us, well….  not quite. Due to the way we live our lives today, we end up spending […]

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We’re growing!

New Treatment Room We are expanding here are the clinic… I’ve got busier it gets harder to fit all my clients  in for a treatment, and that can be frustrating for everyone.  But now that should soon be a thing of the past! I have just acquired additional space for the clinic, so now there […]

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Tips for massaging during the Cold and Flu Season

To Massage or not to Massage…? Now that the cold and flu season is on it’s way, this is the perfect time to discuss whether you should come in for that treatment, or should you postpone until you’re feeling better. It’s important to note that, as previously mentioned, massage is an excellent tool for the […]

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Massage for Neck Pain

Saw this amazing image on the net this week.  Fascinating to see what goes on under the skin, and just how effective massage can be for chronic pain. I have great results working with clients with chronic neck pain, nothing quite like a deep tissue massage to work out those kinks!

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