How can you make the most of 2016 and the energies of this year with Reiki?

Numerologically 2016 is a 9 year.  This means that this year will be all about completion and consolidations – especially in relation to dreams, plans or ideas started in 2008.   A great year to reflect back on how far you have come and celebrate that achievement. And be GRATEFUL   Although you can expect this year to feel slower than last year, the energy is intensified.  Because of the increase in energy, its important to maintain a positive outlook and good thoughts as our ability to manifest will also be strong.  This is where Reiki can really help.  If you struggle to feel good physically, mentally or spiritually it can make it very hard to have happy and loving thoughts and keep those new years resolutions.  Reiki’s healing energy helps to bring back balance to your chakras allowing your thoughts to be clear and for you to feel great.


This year we will be asked to let go on many levels in preparation for a new 9 year cycle starting in 2017.  As if to drive that message home, we will have 4 Mercury retrogrades this year – instead of the usual 3.  Mercury retrogrades are all about bringing up the past so that we can identify and let go of patterns that no longer serve us. Reiki too is fantastic for gently bringing old patterns and traumas to the surface so that they can be released once and for all so that you can move more fully into your light.


From February, Carita will be available both Sundays and Tuesdays for Reiki and Crystal healing at the clinic.  Carita is also available for Angel Card readings for $30.

Category : Blog Posted on January 28, 2016

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