TMJ Treatment

Do you recognise any of the following symptoms:

  • Tight sore jaws on waking or during moments of stress
  • Popping sounds when open or closing your mouth
  • Undiagnosed headaches
  • Undiagnosed Toothache
  • Eye Pain
  • Have you been diagnosed with Bruxism and wear a splint for sleeping?

You could benefit from our 45 minute TMJ signature treatment.  This specific treatment has been developed  by a Massage Therapist and Dentist especially to treat and soothe the often painful and debilitating symptoms associated with jaw clenching and TMJ (Tempro Mandibular Joint) dysfunction.

Ana Calleja is a qualified dentist with over 10 years experience in oral rehabilitation, as well as being an excellent Massage Therapist and a star member of our team.  Her past work in dentistry has led to her special interest in posture related neck, head and TMJ conditions.  

This treatment will investigate and address the cause of your issues, and offer you a plan going forward in managing your pain or discomfort.

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